Programme of activities



Visit to Appenzell: guided tour of the village by the tourist information centre, duration: 1 to 1.5 hours 

Visit to Appenzell Museum: crafts and customs, history, embroidery, traditional costumes, government and law, history of tourism 

Visit to the Kunsthalle Ziegelhütte art gallery, Appenzell: guided tours for groups by arrangement 

Visit to the Liner Museum, Appenzell: guided tours for groups by arrangement 

Visit to the Folklore Museum in Stein, Appenzell Ausserrhoden 

Visit to the Cheese Dairy in Stein, Appenzell Ausserrhoden, approx. 10 km from Appenzell, duration: 1 hour 

Visit to the Abbey Library in St. Gallen 

Visit to the Museum of Appenzell Customs, Urnäsch, Appenzell Ausserrhoden 


Practical and team-building

Barkeeper course at our hotel bar with Head Barkeeper André Frey. Learn about the theoretical principles relating to the world of spirits and mix your own drink or favourite cocktail – then sample your creation afterwards! Cost: CHF 25.00 per person, up to 10 participants, duration: 60 minutes approx.


During a “forest fondue” around the fire pit in the Glandenstein meadow or in the herb garden, you can savour an Appenzell cheese fondue from a cheese kettle suspended above the open flames. An absolute treat! An extra-long fork and an apron with a special bread pocket are provided, allowing you to sit back and enjoy a convivial evening around the fire. Cost: CHF 300.00 per group, additional cost of CHF 35.00 per person for a platter of cured meats and the cheese fondue. 


Visit to our Hofkäserei – our cheesemaker would be delighted for you to watch him at work as he makes our Hof Weissbad mountain cheese and whey in our very own cheese dairy. You can then stay on to enjoy an evening of traditional specialities (e.g. platter of starters with cheese and smoked meat, boiled sausage with cheese dumplings, cheese fondue or Chinese fondue). 


Hotel grounds covering an area of 40,000 m2 with a forest, meadows and a natural stream 


Visit to Appenzeller Alpenbitter AG in Appenzell, which manufactures a unique herbal spirit. This event includes an informative tour of the production facility that makes Appenzell’s most famous beverage and other refined liquors and spirits. The tour is followed by a free tasting. Can you identify the 42 herbs used to make Appenzeller Alpenbitter? Cost: guided tour and tasting free for 10 or more participants, duration: 90 minutes approx., transfer: CHF 50.00 per trip. 


Visit to Hampi Fässler’s saddlery workshop, where each participant can make their own key ring or Appenzell belt. Followed by an aperitif with Herr Fässler in his shop and, if desired, finger food from Hof Weissbad. If the weather is fine, you can walk from Weissbad to Appenzell and take the shuttle bus back. Cost: CHF 18.00 per key ring (minimum of 10 participants or a flat fee of CHF 180.00), CHF 160.00 per belt, aperitifs at cost and as quoted for, transfer: CHF 50.00 per trip.


Introduction to the art of making speciality “Biber” gingerbread, guided tour of the bakery and the chance for participants to make a traditional Appenzell “Biber” (500 g) at Landbäckerei Fässler, followed by tasting in the bakery. Cost: CHF 33.00 per person for 10 participants or more (for groups of fewer than 10 persons there is a flat fee of CHF 330.00), duration: 90 minutes approx., transfer: CHF 50.00 per trip. 


Visit to the well-known dulcimer player Johannes Fuchs and a (humorous) talk about the traditional instrument and Appenzell culture, with music and aperitifs. Cost: CHF 300.00 per group, duration: 90 minutes approx., aperitifs at cost, transfer: CHF 50.00 per trip. 


Join the night-watchman on an out-of-the-ordinary tour of Appenzell. Listen in to his anecdotes as darkness descends on the village. Speaking in genuine Innerrhoden dialect, he will tell you about various historic locations in the centre of Appenzell. Cost: CHF 250.00 per group (up to 20 persons), duration: 90 minutes approx., transfer: CHF 50.00 per trip.


Appenzell’s butcher is your host as you learn how speciality Appenzell boiled sausage is made. The village’s master butcher will prepare the meat, show you how he produces sausages and help you make your own. Once your sausages have been cooked you will, of course, have the opportunity to taste them! You will also receive a meat speciality to take home with you. Cost: CHF 30.00 per person, 10 to 20 participants, duration: 60 minutes approx., transfer: CHF 50.00 per trip. 


Take part in a yodelling course given by a singer from Appenzell wearing traditional costume. First you’ll learn some historical facts, interesting snippets and amusing stories about the tradition of Appenzell music. Next your guide will give you an introduction to Appenzell “Ruggusseli”, the local name for yodelling, and “Talerschwingen”, where a coin is rolled around the inside of an earthenware bowl to create a drone sound. You can then try out what you’ve learnt – marvellous fun! Cost: CHF 280.00 per group (10 to 30 persons), duration: 60 minutes approx.


Pay a visit to cooper Herr Reifler in Hundwil, who will talk about this traditional craft and show how “Fahreimers” (richly painted and carved wooden pails) are made. As a highlight of your visit, you will carve your own wooden food board – a souvenir to take home. Cost: CHF 18.00 per person (10 to 20 persons), duration: 60 minutes approx., transfer CHF 60.00 per trip.


In the hotel

Fitness, exercise and relaxation classes in the health centre

Use of the hotel health centre (therapies, massages, beauty treatments, thalassotherapy, St. Barth, fango mud packs, etc.). Our therapists and our in-house doctor would be pleased to give informative talks to your seminar participants. 

Use of our indoor and outdoor pool and the sauna complex (Finnish sauna, separate ladies’ sauna, steam room, tepidarium, frigidarium, “stepping bath” and relaxation room).


Nordic walking, wake-up workout, Hof training, Antara®, relaxation, etc.

We would also be pleased to offer you guided walks, snowshoe tours and cycling excursions on request. Content and organisation tailored to your requirements.


Select a voucher and have it sent to you or simply print it out at home.

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