Seminare Parterre
Seminare Parterre
Seminare Parterre

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In the Appenzellerland region there are still places where the peace and tranquillity serve to inspire. Ideal places for collecting your thoughts, examining new approaches and discussing solutions. Hotel Hof Weissbad is just such a place – a place for finding new inspiration, for robustly exchanging ideas or for simply relaxing and enjoying the welcoming ambience.


On request, Hermann Knoblauch , Head of Seminars and Banquets, would be pleased to send you detailed seminar information, including a programme of activities both in and around the hotel. The health centre in particular offers a wealth of different options.



Projector, PC, DVD/CD player, OHP or visualiser 

Free WiFi throughout the hotel, sockets for telephone, television and radio 

2 flipcharts, 4 pin boards and 1 moderator’s toolkit


Ground floor seminar room 

Up to 20 participants, usable floor area of 80 m²



Up to 18 participants, usable floor area of 70 m² 


3 group rooms 

Up to 6 participants each, usable floor area of 20 m²


Public WiFi – for a wireless high-speed office within the hotspot.


Select a voucher and have it sent to you or simply print it out at home.

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