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Restaurants & bars


Dine in modern, airy architecture.

Our “butterfly” restaurant stands out for its transparent, light architecture. Wherever you turn, a striking profusion of light creates a magical and exceptional atmosphere. It’s an ideal space for a festive banquet.


Enjoy your meal in a traditional and friendly atmosphere.

With its coffered ceiling dating from the former Kurhaus Weissbad, the Schotten-Sepp-Stube restaurant exudes a rustic, traditional and cosy atmosphere. It overlooks the garden, with a beautiful view.

Hof Weissbad - Restaurant


A timeless, elegant ambience.

The many windows give the room a light, airy feel. The subdued colours of the decor are a perfect match for the event you’re organising.


Sunbathing on our large terrace.

When the weather’s fine and temperatures permit, enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner on our superb, sunny, south-facing terrace. The comfortable, deep armchairs on the lawn invite you to laze around. Under their parents’ supervision, children can have fun in the large park, equipped with a small play area.


At the heart of the building, a place to meet at any time of day.

The bar is the heart of our building and serves as a meeting place at any time of day and until the middle of the night.
Since October 2011, our head barman André Frey has been the first Swiss to be awarded the “Master of Bar-tending, Wine and Spirits” distinction.

Courtyard house

A crisp, cozy little house for a family atmosphere. On the outside, the old, dark wooden facade still stands, while inside shines a modern, fully-equipped kitchen that can be used for a variety of purposes.

Flower atelier

Enjoy an unforgettable evening surrounded by beautiful flowers. Our floral atelier, located directly opposite the hotel, has a distinctive architecture inspired by the Flickflauder restaurant. During the day, our in-house florist works on beautiful flower arrangements, and in the evening the place is available for hire.