“Kur” spa regimen stay


“Kur” prescribed by a doctor

Our team of doctors led by Chief Physician Dr. Tobias Ritzler, an orthopaedic specialist, plus a team of medical experts, will ensure that you are looked after carefully and competently. 

We will draw up a personal programme of therapies based on the “Kur” prescription issued by the doctor who is treating you. The aims and treatment criteria will be defined and discussed during the medical consultation on arrival. 

Alongside physiotherapy sessions, various complementary treatments will be employed to achieve optimal healing and recovery. 

Boasting superb comfort and facilities, the superior 4-star Hotel Hof Weissbad offers pleasant and sympathetic surroundings that will positively influence the success of a “Kur”. The hotel is recognised by health insurance providers.


You can download the PDF document  here 


You can download the PDF document  here 


You can view our room prices for a “Kur” here


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