Dr. F. X. Mayr medicine


Transformation for the body, mind and soul

Harassed, irritable or simply tired? Take time out for yourself and enjoy renewed vitality, creativity and energy. 

Only you can take responsibility for ensuring that you live a healthy life! 

Contemporary F. X. Mayr medicine – transformation for the body, mind and soul. Fasting has always been an integral part of all the major religions and groups have undertaken fasting as far back as antiquity. A fast gives the digestive system the opportunity to rest and recover. It combats sluggishness in the bowels, cleanses and detoxes the organism of metabolic wastes, mobilises its healing powers and eliminates unhealthy processes. Moreover, fasting is one of the best preventive measures there is for maintaining good health. 

A special, tried-and-tested form of treating the digestive system is an F. X. Mayr “Kur”, a spa health regimen developed by the renowned Austrian doctor and researcher Dr. Franz Xaver Mayr (1875 – 1965). He recognised that most people’s digestive organs do not function optimally. In fact, in many cases they function very unsatisfactorily. This is as a result of our unhealthy eating habits: we eat too quickly, which in turn means we eat too much, and we eat too often, consume foods that are too stodgy and, owing to work pressures, we have meals too late in the day. 

F. X. Mayr medicine helps to alleviate chronic complaints – diseases of modern society – and, in particular, has a preventive effect in cases where conventional medicine has so far been unable to diagnose a specific illness. Here, a person may feel unwell and settles for a state of “pseudo health”. The optimal duration of a “Kur” is two to three weeks.


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